Singapore Maps

Singapore Maps is one of the best Singapore direction app. Whether you are a tourist or local, you will find this marvellous app very handy to use.

Singapore Maps has one the most up to date map on Singapore. It will indicate most of the buildings’ name and you could find more information of that particular building just by tapping on the building. 

With a tap on the Bus Stop icon, Singapore Maps will show you all the available bus at the Bus Stop. With another tap, you could see the next bus arrival timing.    

Beside showing you the map and bus timing, you could even ask for direction on getting to your destination by driving, taxi, bus or MRT(train).

Singapore Maps is available for iPhone mobile phone.

Chinese Chess

If you love to play Chinese Chess, you may want to install the app Chinese Chess. You can choose to play the classic chess against online opponents or the computer. In the online mode, you could join the existing table or create your own table to play against other online player. When both of you had come together at the table, both of you could create a a time limit for each piece move.
In the Chinese Chess, you could also adjust the difficulty level when you play against the computer
Chinese Chess is available for iPhone mobile phone.


I love listening to music. And of course, I love to know the artiste and the song tittle of every beautiful song that I heard. With SoundHound, you will know every song singer and tittle. 

Whenever you are walking in a shopping mall or sipping coffee in a cafe and heard a awesome song that you do not know the song tittle, do not worry, just activate the SoundHoundThe incredible song searching app will let you know the artiste and tittle of that song instanly. After finding the song, you could share, bookmark or buy the track. 

 Up till now, I still amaze at how SoundHound could recognise all the song that I ask to search for it. Haa…. . I am really impress with this music recognition app. SoundHound will instantly identify the song. 
SoundHound is available for iPhone and Windows mobile phone.


With one click at Skout you can discover new friends at the local neighborhood pub, at a concert, or on a bus tour in London. Skout connects you to other users around you or continents away, in more than 100 countries, whether you are looking for new friends or activity partners. The app’s platform is rich with personal experiences with features like chatting, exchanging photos or notes, and sending virtual gifts. Skout go into great details to make sure that your community is fun and safe, and it shows: it’s users log in eight or nine times a day and are exchanging over a half billion messages a month… 

With Skout app, you could meet people at any time and anywhere!

Skout is available for Android and iphone mobile phone.


Earn money by previewing apps. Yes! Just watch a 30 seconds app trailer and you will earn points. With AppTrailers, you can accumulate the points and redeem the it for cash into your Paypal account, for Amazon Gift Card, Starbucks Gift Card, Facebook Credit or Zynga Credit, etc.

It is a very easy way of earning some extra cash or benefit with this app. You can simply watch the app trailers while waiting for bus or train, or even in between TV program commercial break! Well, you can practically earn the points at anytime and anywhere. 
Well, I thought AppTrailers one of the easiest and best money earning app. Happy watching and happy earning! :)
AppTrailers is available for Android and iphone mobile phone.

SG Radio

SG Radio play all the radio stations in Singapore and even BC World Service.

You can switch stations from Class 95 to 987 easily from it’s user friendly interface. A tap on the Stations tab will show you all the radio stations. You can also see the current playing song in the list of stations. So you could tune in to the station immediately to catch that song!

At SG Radio you can even see the current playing and next-to-play song when you tune in to the particular station.

Among the various radio apps that I had tune to, I had yet to find one that show the lyrics of the current playing song. It would be awesome to listen and sing along at the same time!

Anyway … , Happy listening. Happy tuning. Happy radio!

SG Radio is available on iPhone mobile phone.

Courtesy image from SG Radio.

Facebook Mobile

Facebook Mobile let you stay in connect with your family and friends while you are on the move… with your mobile phone. With Facebook Mobile, you can post message and upload photo. You can also “Like” and leave comments on your friend’s post or picture.

Notifications, News Feed, Events and Check In are also available in Facebook Mobile.

Although the app did not have the full features of Facebook as on your computer, nevertheless, I have to say it still keep the updates flowing between you and your friends.

Yeah, keep posting and uploading your interesting pictures on Facebook Mobile with your mobile phone!

Facebook Mobile is available for Android, Blackberry, iphone, Nokia and Windows mobile phone.

Courtesy image from Facebook.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is a marvelous app. It is definitely a joy to see this app. WhatsApp Messenger let it’s user to send unlimited messages, pictures, video and audio messenges to each other. Isn’t that fabulous?!!

You could even create Group Chat with your contacts for the convenient of passing information or discussing issue with the relevant group of people and keeping them in the loop. Once you had start using WhatsApp, you will not stop using it!
WhatsApp use 3G or Wi-Fi for connection.WhatsApp is available for iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows and Android mobile phone.

Courtesy image from Whatsapp.


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